Fall or Fly EP Release


It’s here.

‘Fall or Fly’ has finally ascended; the long awaited follow-up to Adelaide-based hard rock band Imogen Brave’s 2011 debut EP, ‘Open Heart’ . Consisting of 7 new and original tracks, ‘Fall or Fly’ could almost be considered album length with a close to 30 minute running time, allowing the band to delve into deeper and darker corners of their musical palette than it’s predecessor.

It took 20 months to complete, with three studio locations used for the recording, mixing and mastering of the EP. Guitars and vocals were engineered and produced by Imogen Brave guitarist, Mick McClounan in his personal studio, drums engineered and produced at Capitalsound Studios, and all mixing and mastering completed at Mixmasters Studios. No compromises were made in putting the highest quality the band could produce down on tape. The results speak for themselves.

Imogen Brave have developed a reputation of high energy and high quality live shows in their home state, enabling them to headline at The Gov, support a number of great Australian bands, and to tour regional areas, and Melbourne greats Cherry Bar and The Espy. Their repertoire of songs move from punchy riffs to melodic ballads, and into frenetic rock indicative of the wide range of influences that each member brings to the band’s sound.

Thematically, from the very first listen to ‘Fall or Fly’ vocalist Stef Crowley’s lyrics draw you into her world with tales of independence sought, love lost, and feelings of helplessness and addiction. Sweeping melodies, soaring harmonies and a gutsy, hard rock edge all colour her messages as her dynamic and powerful vocal delivery punctuate every song. With the band’s massive live sound capture faithfully, each track provides a listening experience that never wavers throughout all 7 tracks. From the rumbling bass of Jake Brackenridge, introduced in the opening track ‘Closer’, to the Bonham-esque feel of Andy Cienciala’s hard-hitting drum style, Imogen Brave’s engine room peaks at near boiling-point. Guitarist Mick McClounan tastefully paints over the canvas laid down, working monster, crunching riffs with Zakk Wylde-esque pinch harmonics to beautifully clean arpeggios providing perfect counterpoints to Stef Crowley’s vocal performances.

The official EP launch for ‘Fall or Fly’ held on Saturday 7th February 2015 at Jive, Hindley Street, Adelaide, was a huge success. The band performed live to an enthusiastic audience after local bands Ice on Mercury, and The Crown brought an incredible amount of energy to the stage, hyping up the growing crowd.

‘Fall or Fly’ is now available to download and buy from a number of digital outlets including iTunes, GooglePlay and CD Baby where hard copies are also available.


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